Nile Heaven Cruises was created by two business partners from different parts of the globe, and Abdul who were brought together by their love of the great River Nile. 

They soon decided to create and provide travelers with an authentic way to experience, what this extraordinary part of Egypt has to offer by providing guest with an amazing way to discover the lush landscape and the blended contrast of golden deserts giving y an opportunity to visit and discover ancient sites and of Pharaohs, Kings and Queens along the Mythical River Nile.

It was then NHC was established, with a vision to reintroduce a unique and bohemian way to bring back traditional vestals known as Dahabiyas.
As one of the most knowledgeable providers in Aswan and Luxor, with Abduls knowledge in his own backyard, and Ann attention to detail they straight away became a leading force to reckon with and along with their guest positive feedback they were set to sail to success.

With over 9 boats to choose from, a team of experts with over 20 years’ combined experience, providing a unique insight of both ancient and modern Egypt, we welcome you to join our family and embark with us where memories are created and never forgotten.